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Keeping up with the bloggers

As noted in the previous entry, two things are still true: we are way behind on this blog, and we are still making changes on our web site...

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Feature Article for January 2008

High school coaches today are faced with ever-increasing challenges, even more so than their predecessors were. That’s what makes it so difficult to single out just one high school for our highest honor – so many schools deserve recognition for their hard-won accomplishments. But we had to make a choice, and we believe we made a wise one in selecting Titusville High School as the 2007 BFS High School of the Year. Learn more about how school sports training unification can lead to success over all athletic programs at your school. Listen Rich Venuto of Louisville High School in Ohio as he speaks to Coach Freeborn about their experience with a unified BFS athletic program on the BFS Maxcast video channel...

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Spotlight Products for January 2008

Beat The Computer PRO
This is software created to specifically enhance your BFS Total Program.
Create Personalized, Sport-Specific Workouts Using the Most Successful Set-Rep Computer Software Program Ever Created. SPRING TRAINING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER - ARE YOU READY?
Reach your potential and learn to play your best with these BFS Baseball DVDs.
BFS Baseball has assembled a tremendous staff of professional players with over 50 years of coaching, playing, scouting and training experience

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What's Happening for the week of January 28th, 2008

NAVY STRONG Bobby Doyle is the son of BFS clinician Bob Doyle; and despite being only a sophomore, he has already been contributing to the success of the Naval Academy's football team. This year against Duke, for example... BFS High School of the Year, Who is next? Titusville High School in Titusville, Pennsylvania, was selected as the 2007 BFS High School of the Year...

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