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Player Profile - Andrea Ruygrok

Andrea Ruygrok is 34 years old and did great on the BFS program in high school; she then went on to college and became a pharmacist who specializes in depression. Her life was going well, but she felt she was terribly out of shape and signed up with a trainer. Here is how she explains what happened next. “I would bring in the BFS magazine articles to the trainer, telling him I wanted to be like other profiled female athletes. Initially he laughed at me, but as I kept going with being an eleven in mind, he did not laugh anymore and I moved my squat up.” Eventually Ruygrok switched to a trainer who specialized in strongman, but she kept up with her Dot Drills and stretches. Eventually she lost 30 pounds and worked her way up to a fifth place at the Women’s Nationals.
Glad to hear you stuck with us, Andrea!

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