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January/February 2008 issue of the BFS Magazine now available online in our Archives


The January/February 2008 issue of the BFS Magazine has been added to our online Magazine Archives.

Our Magazine Archives have grown into a fantastic resource. We have every BFS Magazine article from 1993 to the present online and available to you free of charge. And we're always adding more, both old and new. We won’t stop until we have every single issue, all the way back to the very first one in 1980, ready for you to read.

Our Magazine Archives are fully searchable by keyword. So if you, your team or school has been featured in a BFS article, type your name, or your team or school name in the search field, then click submit and find your article in seconds. You can read articles online or download them to your computer to print or keep.

Check out these articles in the latest issue of BFS Magazine:

BFS Success Stories

Santa Rita High School: 0-10 to 11-2
Home Sweet Home: Anderson County High
Lutheran North High School, Small School BIG Punch

BFS Program

A Closer Look at the Box Squat
A Closer Look at the Straight-Leg
A Closer Look at the BFS Dot Drill


In the News: Staph
Coaches' Shortcut to Contact Management
The BFS Coaches Who Help Coaches

Training and Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Flat Feet
The Case Against the Romanian Deadlift

Physical Education

Maxcast: The Fundraising Advantage
The Dark Side of Sports: Can Spotters be Sued?

What's Happening

What's Happening

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