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Overcoming Obstacles



When it comes to overcoming obstacles, you canít get much more inspirational than Anthony Robles, a freshman on the wrestling team at Arizona State. Anthony has only one leg, but he doesnít let that hold him back. When he was five years old he was able to ride a bike. He has played football and basketball, and he drives a car. He took up the sport of wrestling in the ninth grade at Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona, and that year finished 5-8. As a sophomore he placed sixth at the Arizona state tournament, then went 48-0 as a junior and again as a senior, winning state titles at 103 pounds and then 112 pounds. Robles bench presses 300 pounds, runs the mile in eight minutes and has set a goal of six minutes. In an ESPN article by Andy Hamilton, Robles explained his outlook: ďI donít see having one leg as a disability. I feel I can do whatever I put my mind to. If the coach tells you to do something, Iím going to be right there with the rest of the team doing it. Thatís pretty much how Iíve always been Ė I donít like being treated differently or getting special treatment or anything like that. I just like to be treated normal.Ē

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