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BFS Feature Article for February 2008


BFS knows what it takes to be successful in high schools, both in PE and Sports. Our exceptional staff of clinicians draws from a deep background in the educational environment and brings this expertise to you. Meet our staff in this month's featured article.


Coaches Helping Coaches
When Dr. Greg Shepard founded BFS in 1976, being the only employee he was obviously the only clinician. But that situation changed quickly. In 1983 the company incorporated, and by then the number of clinicians had increased to a dozen. Now, with BFS presenting more than 400 seminars a year, BFS has 30 active clinicians, with another dozen in training.

With few exceptions, such as teachers who have recently retired, BFS clinicians are high school coaches, many with master’s degrees, and certified teachers. Becoming a BFS clinician is not an easy task; it requires not just extensive academic and coaching experience but also up to a two-year mentoring program. Few coaching seminar programs demand so much from their representatives, but the result is that we have assembled a group of clinicians who are second to none.…

Read the full article from our January - February issue online at the BFS Archives

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