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Vince Helmuth - We Revisit the BFS Male High School Athlete of the Year for 2006



We obviously had a great selection in Vince Helmuth as our 2006 BFS Male High School Athlete of the Year. Not only is he fulfilling his dream of playing varsity football at the University of Michigan, he has seen playing time as a freshman!

According to David Ablauf, director, Football Media Relations, “Vince Helmuth was an integral part of the Wolverines’ rushing attack and played a key role in the special teams’ effort during the 2007 season. He played as a backup fullback in seven games during his freshman year and played an integral part as the lead blocker for tailback Mike Hart. Helmuth also saw action in 10 of the 13 games on special teams. Helmuth arrived on campus after enrolling early to be available to take part in the Wolverines’ spring practices. Vince is an extremely hard worker and very highly motivated young man with a wealth of potential.”

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