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BFS Safety Brief for February 2008



For over 30 years BFS has been the number one source of information on strength and conditioning for the nation’s athletes and coaches. BFS founder and CEO Dr. Greg Shepard encourages all coaches and instructors who supervise programs of strength and conditioning to become certified for these reasons: Safety, Liability, Confidence, Career.

To Schedule your In-Service Certification and learn more about this valuable asset for you and your institution visit today.

Also available the BFS Safety Package 
Prepare yourself with the information you need as a Coach or Administrator to avoid and / or win lawsuits that deal with the Weight Room.


Protect Your Program Against Weight Room Lawsuits With This Comprehensive Package

  • Weight Room Safety Video (VHS or DVD)
  • Implementation Instructions
  • Student / Athlete Acknowledgment Form
  • Six Absolutes Posters (8 Poster Set)
  • Safety and Liability Manual
  • Weight Room Rules Poster
  • Safety Posters (3 Poster Set)
  • Training Posters (5 Poster Set)
  • One Year Magazine Subscription (Six Issues)

Visit to learn more about certification and Weightroom Safety.

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