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What's Happening for the week of January 28th, 2008



Bobby Doyle is the son of BFS clinician Bob Doyle; and despite being only a sophomore, he has already been contributing to the success of the Naval Academy's football team. This year against Duke, for example, he threw a touchdown pass that enabled Navy to tie the game and eventually win in overtime. And of course he was part of the team that ended Notre Dame's 43-year winning streak over the midshipmen.

Doyle's earlier BFS training has given him a head start in his college career, and his numbers during high school include the following: 300-pound clean, 455-pound parallel squat, 500x10 box squat, and 34.2 seconds in the Dot Drill. At Chardon High School, Ohio, Doyle earned three letters in track and football: during his senior year as a running back he was named Second Team All State, and he also has the single game and season rushing records at Chardon.


Titusville High School in Titusville, Pennsylvania, was selected as the 2007 BFS High School of the Year, and the school's story appeared in our November - December issue. Sharing a plaque to acknowledge this outstanding accomplishment are, left to right, Stephanie Keebler, Principal; Jim Come, Athletic Director; Mike Reynolds, Assistant Football and Track Coach; Scott Salvo, Head Football Coach; Kevin Dawson, Head Boys' Swim Coach; and Karen Jez, Superintendent.

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