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Spotlight Products for January 2008

Beat The Computer PRO
This is software created to specifically enhance your BFS Total Program.
Create Personalized, Sport-Specific Workouts
Using the Most Successful Set-Rep Computer Software Program Ever Created.
Here's How It Works:

    1. Athletes Fill-Out a Form Using Current Core and Auxiliary Lifts
    2. Enter the Lifts into the Computer, which Calculates the Precise Weights for Each Set and Creates Individual, Sport-Specific Workouts
    3. At the Beginning of Each Week Simply Print Out the Athlete's BFS Set-Rep Program Weekly Workout Schedule
    4. Athletes Scores can be Updated at Any Time, or the Program Will Automatically Increase the Difficulty Level of the Workout
Here's What You Get:

    1. Print Test Sheets:
    Forms for Weights and Field Testing
    2. Generate Individual Workouts:
    Computer-Aided Workouts for Maximum Results
    3. Ironman and Power Rankings:
    Compare to National Standards
    4. Produce Top 10 Lists:
    Challenge Your Athletes to Improve
Want to get started now? Click Here learn more and download your FREE 30 Day Trial!
Each Program is Customized with the Customers Name and CANNOT BE RETURNED.
Please Get the Demo Version If You Are Unsure of Your Purchase.
System Requirements: Pentium II 400 or better, 256 Megs of RAM, Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or Newer, 50 Megs of Disk Space, CD-Rom Drive.



Reach your potential and learn to play your best with these BFS Baseball DVDs.
BFS Baseball has assembled a tremendous staff of professional players with over 50 years of coaching, playing, scouting and training experience in order to provide you with the best instruction possible. Learn the proven techniques the pros use with these easy-to-follow DVDs.
BFS BASEBALL 5 DVD Set Including FREE BONUS: BFS Baseball Strength Training DVD - ALL for $99.95


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