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Feature Article for January 2008

2007 BFS
High School of the Year

Titusville High School’s BIG commitment to unification has earned
this small Pennsylvania school our respect and admiration

Titusville High School: A Lifting Family

High school coaches today are faced with ever-increasing challenges, even more so than their predecessors were. That’s what makes it so difficult to single out just one high school for our highest honor – so many schools deserve recognition for their hard-won accomplishments. But we had to make a choice, and we believe we made a wise one in selecting Titusville High School as the 2007 BFS High School of the Year. Located in Titusville, Pennsylvania, this school has an amazing athletic and physical education program. We first learned about Titusville through head football coach Scott V. Salvo. Coach Salvo told us his school has adopted all aspects of the BFS program. They implemented the Readiness program in their middle school. They unified their sports teams and certified their coaches and instructors in BFS. And they built a weightroom that is safe, efficient, and a great place to train.

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