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Keeping up with the bloggers

As noted in the previous entry, two things are still true: we are way behind on this blog, and we are still making changes on our web site.

To help address the former problem, we're going to start posting our weekly newsletter here. This is great information, not only what's happening at BFS, but also tips to help in your training, links to some of our most informative magazine articles that you can read online, safety information, sales and specials on equipment, etc.

On our web site, we've already made many changes, with more to come. Our new eStore went live last April. We think you'll find it much easier to use, with many more products, better searching, direct links to products by category, and many more features.
Click here to take a look.

Also, our Magazine Archives have grown into a fantastic resource. We have every BFS Magazine article from 1993 to the present online, and available to you free of charge. They are searchable by keyword, so if you, your team or school has been featured in a BFS article, type in your name, or your team or school name and read it or download it to your computer and print it out. We're working on getting all the issues back to the very first one scanned and online.
Click here check out the Magazine Archives.

Finally, we're working on a complete overhaul of the look and content of the entire website. Without making promises, expect big changes starting this spring.

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