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Clarett in Trouble...Again!

Just when you thought Maurice Clarett's problems couldn't get worst, they have.

The former Ohio State star running back was recently arrested after a police chase that ended after a spike stick flattened the tires of his SUV. Clarrett refused to get out of the vehicle, and police has to use pepper spray because the bullet-proof vest he was wearing protected him from the stun gun they tried to use.

There's more.

During the arrest police found that Clarett had hidden a semi-automatic handgun under his legs, an AK-47-type assault rifle on the passenger seat, and two semi-automatic handguns. Police also found a partially full bottle of vodka in the vehicle.

And here's where it gets interesting.

Clarett had planned to start playing football again in January for the Youngstown-based Mahoning Valley Hitmen, which is a team in the Eastern Indoor Football League. The owner of team, Jim Terry, allegedly said in an Associated Press article that this arrest WILL NOT affect Clarett's status with the team. "We gave him a chance and now we'll wait to see what happens," Terry said. "I've seen far worse situations than this."

I would like to know, seriously, what situations Jim Terry has seen could be "far worst" than this!

Kim Goss
Editor, BFS Magazine

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