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Olympic Lifters Love BFS Too!

Olympic Lifters Love BFS Too!

Hi, BFS!

I really enjoy your magazine and in particular the photos of past lifting greats. I have enclosed a photo of three US lifting greats. From left to right are Gerry Ferrelli: a one-time junior world record holder; Denis Reno: not necessarily a US lifting great, but his publication, Weightlifter’s Newsletter, is a great resource for the competitive Olympic lifter; Bob Bednarski, who needs no introduction; and myself. The photo was taken at my house several years ago, after we had a reunion of the legendary Central Falls Weightlifting Club, at which we honored the greatest teacher of Olympic weightlifting ever, the one and only Joe Mills. Both Gerry and Bob were coached by Joe.

Also, feel free to use the attached photos of me lifting a 230-pound tire overhead. We use this tire for flipping, but a few of the football guys and I had a little contest to see who could actually lift this thing. They failed miserably. Old Olympic lifters never die; they just risk hurting themselves doing dumb things!

Gerald L. Willis, EdD
Associate Dean of Students
Salve Regina University
Newport, Rhode Island

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