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BFS Magazine 1992 Issues added to our online archives


We have just finished adding another complete year of the Bigger Faster Stronger Magazine to our online archives. We now have every BFS Magazine article from 1992 to the present online and available to you free of charge. And we're always adding more, both old and new. We won’t stop until we have every single issue, all the way back to the very first one in 1980, ready for you to read.

The following issues are now available in our online Magazine Archives:

Spring 1992

Summer 1992

Fall 1992

Winter 1992

Our Magazine Archives have grown into a fantastic resource, and are fully searchable by keyword. So if you, your team or school has been featured in a BFS article, type your name, or your team or school name in the search field, then click submit and find your article in seconds. You can read articles online or download them to your computer to print or keep.

Check out these articles published in BFS Magazine back in 1992:

BFS Success Stories

Miami Southridge (Spring 1992)
How Sweet It Is (Spring 1992)
More Success Stories (Spring 1992)

Lamar High School (Summer 1992)
South View High School (Summer 1992)
Mankato State University (Summer 1992)

Spencer High School: State Champs (Fall 1992)
Josh Johnson: Offensive Tackle (Fall 1992)
Tony Diehl: Linebacker (Fall 1992)

Three Rivers Community College (Winter 1992)
Everett Lindsay (Winter 1992)
Tracy Saul (Winter 1992)

Feature Stories

BFS All-Americas (Spring 1992)
BFS All-America Sectional Teams (Spring 1992)
Quest For Greatness (Spring 1992)
All-America Success Stories (Spring 1992)
Pratical Sports Nutrition (Spring 1992)
New Readiness Program Information (Spring 1992)
Power Cleans and Football (Spring 1992)
New Plyometric Products (Spring 1992)
Utah Jazz Lowest Injuries in NBA (Spring 1992)

Box Squat Super Article (Summer 1992)
Quest for Greatness (Continued) (Summer 1992)
Right and Wrong Coaching (Summer 1992)
Pre-Game Meals (Summer 1992)
Swimming??? (Summer 1992)
Gaddy Soffer: State Champ (Summer 1992)

David Benoit: Utah Jazz (Fall 1992)
Power Clean: Racking Safely (Fall 1992)
Bench Press: Safety Tip (Fall 1992)
Squat Accessories (Fall 1992)
Quest For Greatness (Continued) (Fall 1992)
In-Season Training for High School Football (Fall 1992)
Box Jumping Safely (Fall 1992)
Cold Water is Best (Fall 1992)
BFS Olympic Record Board (Fall 1992)

Marshall Faulk (Winter 1992)
Sean Shoda (Winter 1992)
Frank Fredericks (Winter 1992)
Mike Devlin (Winter 1992)
Jim Moore (Winter 1992)
Jeff Zgonina (Winter 1992)
Qwest for Greatness (Winter 1992)

Additional Articles

Parallel Squat Mega-Theme Series (Winter 1992)

BFS Clinics and Clinicians (Winter 1992)
BFS Readiness Program (Winter 1992)
BFS Women's Program (Winter 1992)
BFS Total Program (Winter 1992)
BFS Olympic Board (Winter 1992)

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