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BFS Featured Article for March 2008


Lutheran High North

Small School, BIG Punch A commitment to UNIFICATION has paid off for these athletes from Houston

When it comes to state educational systems, it’s not true that everything is bigger in Texas. But it is true that sometimes smaller can be better; just ask the students and staff at Lutheran High North, a small private school in Houston, Texas. Lutheran High North came to our attention when they decided to bring out BFS vice president John Rowbotham for a Be an 11 seminar and a Total Program clinic in August of 2006. With nearly half of the 300 students attending, along with kids from the feeder middle schools and many parents, the clinic certainly made an impact at LHN. For example, their Lions football team had gone 1-19 the previous two years, but in 2007 they improved to 7-3 (two of the teams they lost to made the final four) and they made the playoffs. Other sports also did well, such as the girls softball team, which got into the final four, and the girls volleyball team, which reached the elite eight.

Read the complete interview with Lutheran High North, Athletic Director, Alex Payne, from our January / February 2008 issue at the BFS Archives.

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