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What's Happening - The Ultimate Resource for Lower Back Pain

Stuart McGill is one of the foremost, internationally recognized experts on lower back disorders. He has written over 200 articles on topics related to back pain, and the results of his results are summarized in his book, Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation, 2nd ed.,( Although the book includes a lot of technical information for the health care practitioner, Low Back Disorders provides detailed descriptions of rehabilitation techniques, postural assessment and other information that coaches would find of value. It also helps dispel myths about the so-called spine stabilization exercises.

One interesting concept McGill introduces is the concept of the performance pyramid, which is divided into five stages: 1) Design appropriate corrective exercise, 2) Build joint and whole-body stability, 3) Enhance endurance, 4) Train true strength, and 5) Transition to ultimate performance with “superstiffness” techniques, speed, power and agility. Other than the fact that they renamed the box squat the “Potty Squat,” Low Back Disorders is a must read!

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