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Training Brief for April 2008



The Bigger Faster Stronger Total Program is a training program which allows every athlete regardless of sport, age or gender to make great gains and break many personal weightlifting and performance records each week, both in and off season.

The Total Program involves training all year round. Each athlete is in an Off-Season or an In- Season program. The BFS Set-Rep System is a vital key to the overall success of the Total Program. It is absolutely imperative that sets and reps be varied from workout to workout. This prevents the plateau effect that rapidly occurs with many other training programs.

The BFS Set-Rep System creates unbelievable intensity and progress in the weight room. We guarantee that every athlete will break at least eight personal records per week - week after week, month after month, year after year.

No other training program even comes close!



Ken Biegel
Head Football Coach
The BFS clinic was well organized, presented very professionally, and was extremely informative. Thank you for the energy and passion that you exhibited during your presentation ­ it was the best that I have seen in 38 years of coaching.

Northland Pines High School
Eagle River, Wi

Shawn Baumgartner
Head Coach

Your Be An 11 and goal setting have helped us a great deal. This past football season we had been picked to win the conference, but had dropped two games and going into the final two weeks of the season we were in a three way tie for second place. We had a senior step up after practice and remind the entire team about the goals they had signed the following spring. Our team goal was to make it past the quarter final game in the state playoffs. We came from behind in the fourth quarter that week to win scoring 21 points in the last five minutes. The following week we had to beat the team we were tied with by 23 points to finish in second place and be guarantied a playoff spot. We won that game 43 to 6. We went on to win our first two playoff games and made it to the state semi finals for the first time in over thirty years. Our kids are starting to believe in themselves and each other. The total program of the BFS system has allowed us to achieve our goals as a football team on the field, in the class room, and within the community. It really has helped turn our program around.

I do appreciate you checking in with us. It shows you really do care about helping kids succeed at BFS. Thank you.

Hayden High School
Hayden, CO

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