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What's Happening for April 2008

Developing Power (and Much More!) with the Plyo Bar

A revolutionary way to safely incorporate plyometrics and other great exercises into your athletic program

Plyometrics at its Best
The Plyo bar enables athletes to perform a variety of effective exercises, including plyometrics, with the highest level of safety. The apparatus consists of a round crossbar that is set inside an 8-foot-by-6-foot platform with a non-slip rubber surface. The crossbar is adjustable in one-inch increments to accommodate all users, and a mechanism is attached to minimize vibration as the athlete exercises.

The apparatus is called the Plyo bar because it is perfectly designed to enable athletes to perform lateral jumps while holding on to the bar for balance. This is the signature exercise of the Plyo bar, and it develops lower body power and, when performed for longer durations, improves muscular endurance. In fact, we’ve found that even when the crossbar is set at its lowest height, it is difficult for any athlete to perform lateral jumps for more than one minute – and you really have to try it to appreciate how great a workout this is.

Look for a complete feature article on this innovative new piece of equipment in the May/June issue of the BFS Magazine. This in-depth introduction will include a variety of exercise and stretches that will advance your program and help you reach your goals!

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