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What's Happening at BFS

Team USA, led by BFS clinician Jeff Scurran, fell short 24-14 in the GE Global Challenge Bowl, held March 22 in Kawasaki, Japan. We gave ourselves a mountain to climb and never fully recovered, but I am proud of the way we showed spirit and came back...

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Training Brief - New Website Resources

The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc., is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people through character education and sports fitness seminars. To support coaches and physical educators in their work with young people, and excellence in youth athletics and physical education...

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What's Happening - Takeo Spikes and Rick Tomberlin Reunite

Valdosta High School was featured in our March/April 2008 issue, and recently the team had their annual football awards banquet where Takeo Spikes was the keynote speaker...

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Special Bulletin - New BFS Website

BFS is proud to announce the launch of our new website! Still located at this new interface is designed from the ground up to help every user find exactly what they need from BFS.

BFS is your online resource, available to you 24 hours a day, to help you make informed decisions in all areas of program building. From weightroom equipment and design to certification of your coaching staff to instruction in weightlifting technique can help you find the solutions you need. Every facet of BFS is now available to you with updated and expanded content to get you the information you need to succeed in your athletic programs.

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What's Happening - The Strongest Man in the World?

In the Iron Game, there is always the debate as to who is stronger: Olympic lifters, powerlifters or strongman competitors. One man who might be able to settle the argument is Mikhail Koklyaev, 64 and 298 pounds, from Russia...

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Spotlight Product - The Plyo Bar 



Build Speed, Agility, Strength and Quickness with Plyos
Plyometrics at Its Best
The Plyo Bar enables athletes to perform a variety of effective exercises, including plyometrics, with the highest level of safety. The apparatus consists of a round crossbar that is set inside an 8-foot-by-6-foot platform with a nonslip rubber surface. The crossbar is adjustable in one-inch increments to accommodate all users, and a mechanism is attached to minimize vibration as the athlete exercises.


The apparatus is called the Plyo bar because it is perfectly designed to enable athletes to perform lateral jumps while holding on to the bar for balance. This is the signature exercise of the Plyo bar, and it develops lower body power and, when performed for longer durations, improves muscular endurance. In fact, weve found that even when the crossbar is set at its lowest height, it is difficult for any athlete to perform lateral jumps for more than one minute and you really have to try it to appreciate how great a workout this is.


Bigger Faster Stronger is committed to bringing coaches and athletes the best equipment for developing winning programs. To this end we are constantly developing bold new ideas to keep athletes challenged and engaged in their training. The Plyo Bar is perfect example of the BFS development team bringing excitement and enthusiasm to a coaches plyometric program and inciting new commitment from the athlete.

The versatility for upper and lower body training as well as flexibility and agility drills make the BFS Plyo Bar an exceptional value for any program. Bring the power of plyometrics to your weight room!

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What's Happenning - Pull DOWNs instead of Pull Ups

We recently got a nice letter and some photos from Mark Garrett, who enjoyed the article on high pulls (March/April 2008) and wrote, "Ive been saying that we Americans overemphasize the UPs (pull) of the sport and underemphasize the DOWNs (pull under)." Garrett certainly knows what he is talking about...

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