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BFS: The Leader in Athletic Fitness Since 1976

The mission of Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc., is to encourage positive changes in the lives of young people through character education and sports fitness seminars. To support coaches and physical educators in their work with young people, we offer certification programs and continuing education materials that teach how to increase the safety and effectiveness of their sports and physical education programs through the concept of unification. To support excellence in youth athletics and physical education, BFS offers the highest-quality exercise equipment at the best prices. Our experienced staff also assists from concept to completion with all aspects of developing the best possible strength and conditioning facilities and programs.

Explore all the BFS programs on our new and updated web pages
1. Go to
2. Click on the "Programs Home" tab to get a complete overview of the BFS programs, protocols and training philosophy.
3. Use the "programs" drop-down menus to delve deeper into each of the BFS Programs.
Be sure to bookmark these pages and continue to use BFS as an essential training resource.

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