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What's Happenning - Pull DOWNs instead of Pull Ups



We recently got a nice letter and some photos from Mark Garrett, who enjoyed the article on high pulls (March/April 2008) and wrote, “I’ve been saying that we Americans overemphasize the UPs (pull) of the sport and underemphasize the DOWNs (pull under).” Garrett certainly knows what he is talking about, as his athletes won the WerkSan High School Weightlifting Championships last year and two of his athletes competed in the Junior National Weightlifting Championships this year.

Shown is Garrett with his team trophy from the High School Championships, and competition photos of Deborah Fryer and Travis Pennington. Fryer is a three-time conference and county champion in the 400 meters, a cheerleader and class valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA; and she was selected by IHSAA to be a poster girl for their anti-tobacco program. Pennington started as a freshman as a tailback and fell just short of the school rushing record as a sophomore; he also runs the 100 in track.

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