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Training Brief for July 2008 - Plyometric "Shock Training"

One of the most effective methods to improve explosiveness is plyometric box jumps, as applied in the third phase of the BFS Plyometric Program. And the most advanced form of box jumping is called depth jumps.

The Russians refer to depth jumps as "shock training." In this type of box jump the idea is to step off a box...

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Feature Article - Eden Prairie Eagles

With 3,100 students, Eden Prairie High School is the largest high school in Minnesota. Last year the school was ranked by Newsweek in its list of the top 1,200 high schools...

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What's Happening for July 14, 2008 -- BFS Gets the Treatment, Soft-Tissue Style

On May 13 Dr. Peter Levy stopped by BFS headquarters in Salt Lake City for a visit. While here, he provided demonstrations of Neuromuscular ReeducationSM...

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Spotlight Product for July 2008 -- BFS Plyometric Boxes

What You Should Know About PLYOMETRIC BOX JUMPING -- THE SAFETY FACTOR: Our BFS Plyo Boxes offer four important safety advantages...

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What's Happening for July 21, 2008 -- Letter to the Editor -- Certification Power

Nick Brewer is the strength coach and assistant football coach at Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson, Mississippi. In February 2006 his school hosted a BFS Coaches Certification Clinic...

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What's Happening for July 29, 2008 -- Player Profile -- Jasmine Bingham

Jasmine Bingham is a junior at Wahkiakum High School in Cathlamet, Washington. She competes in track and cross-country. Jasmine holds the school records in ...

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Training Brief for July 31, 2008 -- A Closer Look at Box Jumping -- A Simple Approach to Plyometric Training

Itís a given that speed and jumping are key components of athletic training, and itís also a given that plyometrics is an effective way to develop both of these qualities. But how to implement a plyometric program, especially in a high school setting, is a bit of a mystery...

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