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Feature Article -- Academic and Athletic Success -- DeAnn Loree Pertz

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DeAnn Loree Pertz Swimming

DeAnn Loree Pertz

There are some who believe that its not possible to achieve the highest levels of athletic and academic achievement at the same time. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, so you have to focus on one or the other. Proving this theory wrong is DeAnn Pertz, a senior at Titusville High School in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

In the classroom DeAnn carries a 4.13 GPA, is class vice president and has received offers for academic scholarships. She has a love for chemistry, biology, physics and math and has aspirations of going to medical school and into forensic science. In other words, shes freaky smart and is on the right track for a successful career in the medical profession. Equally impressive is her athletic accomplishments.

Although she is a multi-sport athlete and has been a three-sport state qualifier with 11 varsity letters, the sport that DeAnn has made the biggest splash in, so to speak, is swimming.

Read the full story on DeAnn the 2008 Female Athlete of the Year at the BFS Magazine Archives.

Story taken from the May/June 2008 Issue of BFS Magazine.

DeAnn Loree Pertz Distance Running

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