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What's Happening -- Core Training with Carl Miller and Making the Best Better with Tim Adams

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Miller Fitness Plan

Core Training with Carl Miller

The accomplishments of Carl Miller were profiled in our Fall 2003 Issue: Weightlifting Champion Carl Miller and he tells us that he has had great sales of his recent book, The Miller Fitness Plan: Physical Training for Men and Women (Sunstone Press).

He recently purchased our Selector Abdominal/Lower Back Machine, and he sent us these photos of him working with his son Shane and Sarah Sneidman, a second-year medical student.

Making the Best Better

Making the Best Better!

Strength coach Tim Adams has been featured twice in BFS Magazine, once in 2004 when he was a Strength Coach for the Oakland Raiders and last year when he discussed his independent work with clients who range from Heisman Trophy winners to X-Game champions.

Adams has recently written Making the Best Better!, a book about the mental training method he has used with these athletes. In it you will learn Adams’ 10-step program that will help you achieve success in all aspects of life. The book is published by Motivated Publishing Ventures and is available through

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