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What's Happening -- Getting Stronger with BFS -- Power Clean Record Breakers

Because the Power Clean is one of the best total-body Core Lifts for football, BFS has developed a keen interest in those schools that have achieved the highest standards in this exercise...

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Feature Article -- Inside a Be An 11 Seminar -- Skyline High School

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Be An 11 Seminar Skyline High School Inside a Be An 11 Seminar:
Skyline High School
Motivation keeps this Utah School on Cloud Nine
By BFS - Published: July/August 2008 - Download the full article.

Skyline High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a nice place to be a student.– Newsweek named it as one of the top four percent of U.S. High Schools. But it's an even better place to be a football player. In the '90s Skyline won five straight State Championships. BFS is proud to have a Graduate of Skyline High School on its Team.

John Rowbotham is the Vice President of BFS and attended Skyline High School in Salt Lake City. His success at Skyline, where he was a Team Captain, enabled him to move on to play Safety at the University of Utah for two years before transferring to Pacific Lutheran University, where he won the award for Team Most Inspirational Player.

It would be an understatement to say Rowbotham was excited this May when he was given the opportunity to give a Be an 11 Clinic at Skyline.

"Just knowing that the kids on the team knew of me and that I had played there had a positive impact going into the seminar," says Rowbotham. "It was special also because Roger DuPaix, the winningest coach in Utah history, attended the Seminar."

Unlike many motivational seminars, Rowbotham says his seminars are very dynamic.

"There is very little sitting down and lecturing at a Be an 11 we focus on a lot of hands-on activities for team building."

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Take Charge... John Rowbotham Motivates Be An 11 Attendees

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What's Happening -- Steel Price Increase -- U.S. Quality Competes in a Global Market

Steel prices increased by more than 85 percent in the past year, and as a result many of our competitors closed down their US factories and moved their manufacturing to China...

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Spotlight Product -- The Box Squat -- A Core Lift and a Must in a Total Body Program

BFS has been promoting the box squat as a core lift for over 30 years. It is one of the most effective exercises for developing overall strength and lower body explosiveness...

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What's Happening -- Strong from the Start -- BFS Youth Football Club Fort Branch, Indiana

BFS Clinician Jeff Sellers is starting kids young with a BFS Youth Football Club in Fort Branch, Indiana. Boys range from second grade to fourth grade...

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What's Happening -- BFS: Going Japenese AGAIN! -- Official Sponsor of the GD Global Challenge Bowl

This year BFS was an official sponsor of the GD Global Challenge Bowl held March 22 in Kawasaki, Japan. Team USA consisted of 40 players selected from 12 states and 27 high schools...

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Safety Brief -- BFS Total Program -- At BFS We Believe in Safety Through Education

To support coaches and physical educators in their work with young people, we offer certification programs and continuing education materials that teach how to increase the safety...

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What's Happening -- Book Review -- Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors

Randy Roach has written one of the most extensive and objective histories of bodybuilding with his book Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors, Volume 1.

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