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BFS Power Clean Record Breaker Parker Mathis

Getting Stronger with BFS • High School Football Power Clean Record Breakers

Because the Power Clean is one of the best total-body Core Lifts for football, BFS has developed a keen interest in those schools that have achieved the highest standards in this exercise. We look at the number of players on a team who can clean 225, 250, 275 and even 300 pounds.

BFS Clinician Rick Tomberlin, now the Head Football Coach at Valdosta High School in Valdosta, Georgia, has always managed to dominate all these categories. Until this year...

Paul Dick, head football coach at Churchville-Chili High School in Churchville, New York, has achieved the highest number of football players cleaning 300 pounds – with eight athletes to Valdosta’s five.

However, Tomberlin still has the lead in the other categories – with 20 players at 275, 20 at 250, and 77 at 225.

Great work at both schools!

BFS Power Clean Record Breaker Dustin Dillard

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