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What's Happening -- Steel Price Increase -- U.S. Quality Competes in a Global Market

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BFS President Bob Rowbotham and Martin Colunga

U.S. Quality Competes in a Global Market

Steel prices increased by more than 85 percent in the past year, and as a result many of our competitors closed down their US factories and moved their manufacturing to China. For some of them this strategy provided a quick fix, as they were able to provide products below the cost of most US manufacturers, but often that strategy backfired.

The quality of these products often left much to be desired, and China started buying more steel from the US. And with the increasing fuel prices, the cost of shipping these products from China has eaten up much of their profits.

BFS president Bob Rowbotham says that by purchasing large quantities of steel and creating a large inventory of products in our 70,000-square-foot warehouse, BFS has always been able to offer high-quality, American-made products at the best prices.

However, because steel prices will continue to climb and necessitate upcoming price increases, Rowbotham is encouraging BFS customers to consider this fact in their buying decisions.

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