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Spotlight Product -- The Box Squat -- A Core Lift and a Must in a Total Body Program

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Be An 11 Seminar Skyline High School Why BFS considers this Core Lift a Must in a Total Body Program
By BFS - Published: January/February 2008

BFS has been promoting the box squat as a core lift for over 30 years. It is one of the most effective exercises for developing overall strength and lower body explosiveness. However, during the first two decades after the BFS program was developed, we experienced our share of critics who didn’t see the value of the exercise and thought it was dangerous.

Then the powerlifting community rediscovered the exercise, with champions at all levels and even world record holders making it a mainstay of their training programs. Its popularity has been recently spreading to the elite strength coaches for all sports. Maybe, just maybe, this is an appropriate time to say, "We told you so".

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