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What's Happening -- BFS: Going Japenese AGAIN! -- Official Sponsor of the GD Global Challenge Bowl

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BFS: Going Japenese...AGAIN!

BFS: Official Sponsor of the
GD Global Challenge Bowl

This year BFS was an official sponsor of the GD Global Challenge Bowl held March 22 in Kawasaki, Japan. Team USA consisted of 40 players selected from 12 states and 27 high schools, and the event attracted 5,000 fans.

Next year BFS will be fully sponsoring one athlete to travel to Japan to participate in this exciting event!

The selection process will be conducted by BFS Clinician Jeff Scurran, who can be reached at We will provide more details about this event in upcoming issues of BFS Magazine.

For more information on how to apply for this sponsorship, contact BFS at 800-628-9737, or Email BFS at

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