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Feature Article -- The University of Utah Utes -- Power Tennis Program

The days of champion tennis players such as John McEnroe dominating the court with their touch and ball placement are gone. To win today...

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What's Happening -- Jenison High -- Attitude Adjustment

On August 6 Jenison High School in Jenison, Michigan, held a Be An 11 Seminar to kick off the formation of a new Leadership Academy program...

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Spotlight Product -- Greg's List -- Limited Quantities on Amazing Deals

As an Athlete, Coach, Professional Strength Trainer, and Business Owner, I know the importance of maintaining a budget. At BFS we know all Coaches want the best...

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What's Happening -- Book Review -- Women's Strength Training Anatomy

As a followup to his best-selling text Strength Training Anatomy, Frédéric Delavier submits for your consideration Women’s Strength Training Anatomy...

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What's Happening -- BFS Regional Certification -- Coming to a City Near You

Join other coaches in your area to learn the best ways to train your athletes with the proven BFS Program. Not only will this certification ensure ...

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What's Happening -- Towel Bench Press -- A BFS Core Lift

The Towel Bench Press has been an integral part of the BFS program for more than three decades. Rather than folding a towel and stuffing it...

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Feature Article -- BFS Has Been Around the Block a Time or Two -- Blast From the Past: Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders looked at his big brother Byron, who looked up at the stadium stairs at Wichita State. "let's do it" they shouted. They hopped up and up. Their legs pumping and straining...

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