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What's Happening -- The BFS Way -- Leading in Athletic Fitness

One of our mottos at BFS is that we are "The Nationís Leader in Athletic Fitness." One reason we make this claim is that we are continually coming out with innovative products...

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Spotlight Product -- BFS Space-Saver Rack -- 20% OFF Till December 25th, 2008

Designed to fold down to just 24" deep the Space-Saver rack by BFS allows a complete, free weight based gym to fit nearly anywhere. In a home basement or garage this rack's unique design unfolds in about 30 seconds...

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What's Happening -- Maegan Snodgrass: Utah State University -- Gripper Mania V "Warrior Queen"

On October 25, 2008, Maegan Snodgrass of Utah State University competed in Gripper Mania V: The Resurgence, held in Salt Lake City, Utah...

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What's Happening -- How Much Can You Power Clean? -- National High School Power Clean Championships

May 23 is the date and Bonanza High School in Las Vegas is the place of the fifth annual National High School Power Clean Championships...

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Safety Brief -- FREE DOWNLOAD -- Shield Your Weightroom from Accidents and Lawsuits

"First, do no harm" is standard practice in the healthcare professions, and itís also great advice for coaches and physical education instructors...

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What's Happening -- Taking Rehab to the Next Level -- Optimal Muscle Training by Ken Kinakin

This is a multi-media presentation that includes a book and an accompanying DVD. The program not only details the risks/benefit ratios of 33 weight training exercises but also provides...

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Feature Article -- Restore the Roar -- Selma High School From 0-34 to Championship Contenders

As with all levels of sport, in high school athletics everybody loves a winner. That includes the parents, the student body, the administration and the media...

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What's Happening -- Power Clean City -- How Strong Can a Woman Become?

Just ask Marc Niemeyer, a weight training coach at Wahkiakum High School in Cathlamet, Washington...

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