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What's Happening -- The BFS Way -- Leading in Athletic Fitness

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Not only will this Certification ensure that you know how to improve athletic performance, you will learn techniques that will significantly improve the safety of every sports program.


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The BFS Way, Leading in Athletic Fitness

One of our mottos at BFS is that we are "The Nationís Leader in Athletic Fitness." One reason we make this claim is that we are continually coming out with innovative products that will help athletes succeed.

Case in point: In 2008 BFS introduced the plate-loaded back extension, the assisted chin/ dip station, the plyobar, and the unilateral power press. Whatís more, all these heavy-duty, extremely durable products are manufactured in our 50,000-square-foot production facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For the past 32 years, BFS has always been able to offer high-quality, American-made products at the best prices. And with our 70,000 square-foot warehouse, BFS is one of the few companies in the industry to manufacture in the United States. So when you buy from BFS, you are supporting American business and American workers.

Purchase the Space-Saver from the BFS eStore

From now until February 28, 2009, if you buy one piece of our institutional-grade, Stock or Custom Equipment you can purchase another item of the same or lesser value at HALF-OFF, plus shipping!

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