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Spotlight Product -- BFS Safest Rack and Platform Combination -- The BFS 8' Power Rack with Platform

You need to capitalize on your training program by getting maximum results from your athletes within a limited schedule. BFS can help with versatile equipment...

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What's Happening -- Tom Busch -- From BFS to the NFL

Busch, a graduate of Park High School in Minnesota, was coached by Doug Ekmark, a BFS clinician. By his ninth-grade year Busch had...

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What's Happening -- FREE Download !! -- Need a Grant? Get "How to Win a Grant"

In this free book we cover such areas as "A Grant, Whats That?", "How to Get a Grant ", "How BFS Can Help", and much more...

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Spotlight Product -- Huge Savings on Nutritional Products -- Achieve a Performance Edge

The BFS position on Nutrition is that athletes need to first eat well and then consider taking the next step to maximal performance with quality nutritional aids...

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What's Happening -- Escambia Gator Football -- The Story of Coach Dwight Thomas and Emmit Smith

This week at the BFS Whats Happening blog we take a look back in the Archives to the 1987 March-April issue of the BFS Magazine. Here we find a classic BFS story of a head coach and a remarkable athlete... (Read Article)

Spotlight Products -- BFS Has You Covered -- New Line of Active Wear Clothing

BFS is pleased to offer a new line of Active Wear. From training to coaching to gameday or even just "kicking it" we have the clothing you need...

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Spotlight Products -- Save 20¢ CENTS PER POUND! -- BFS Slim Line Plates

BFS is pleased to offer a substantial savings to it's customers on one of the most vital pieces of weight training equipment ...
The Plates... at ONLY 69¢ CENTS LB...

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