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What's Happening -- Escambia Gator Football -- The Story of Coach Dwight Thomas and Emmit Smith

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Go to BFS Magazine Archives Page Coach Dwight Thomas on left with Emmit Smith, Emmitt had his #24 jersey retired along with being the national High School Football Player of the Year.

This week at the BFS Whats Happening blog we take a look back in the Archives to the 1987 March-April issue of the BFS Magazine. Here we find a classic BFS story of a head coach and a remarkable athlete, Emmitt Smith, who rose up against long odds to succeed at the highest level.

Escambia Gator Football

Dwight Thomas was called into the principal's office after the 1982 football season at Fort Walton Choctawhatchee High School. "Dwight" he was politely told, "you did a good job building character and you've worked real hard. However, your record of 30-12 with only one district championship and only one bowl victory isn't good enough. Dwight , we just don't feel you have the capability as a head coach to win a state championship. You're Fired"...

Download and read the full story on Coach Thomas and discover how even a coach can overcome a setback by sticking with his core beliefs that his first job is the character of his athletes.

Escambia Gators 1987 Escambia Gators 1984



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