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What's Happening -- Double Takes: Ed Gowins -- Business as Usual at Bellport High

Ed Gowins is a running back from Bellport High School on Long Island who was featured along with his championship team in the BFS September/October 2006 magazine issue...

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What's Happening -- Power Clean High -- Utah Style

Maegan Snodgrass, a sophomore at Utah State, visited Hunter High School in Salt Lake City during the 2008 fall semester...

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Training Brief -- Character Education at It's Best -- Be An 11 Seminars

Like most educators, you are no doubt constantly seeking ways to encourage, motivate and inspire achievement. Our dynamic Be An 11 Seminars...

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What's Happening -- Player Profiles -- Kelly Charniga

On several occasions BFS magazine has featured interviews with Soviet weightlifting expert Bud Charniga, who has provided our readers with...

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What's Happening -- Susquehannock High -- 2008 BFS High School of the Year

Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, was featured in our January/February 2009 issue in recognition for being named the 2008 BFS High School...

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Feature Article -- Safety and Liability Position Paper -- BFS Guidelines on How to Keep Your Athletes Safe and Minimize the Risk of Legal Trouble

There is a common but unfortunate belief that when it comes to the possibility of getting sued, coaches have little to worry about..

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What's Happening -- Poliquin Takes On the World -- International Expertise

In January 2009 Charles Poliquin, an accomplished strength coach who contributes his expertise for many Training Articles that appear...

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