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Feature Article -- Safety and Liability Position Paper -- BFS Guidelines on How to Keep Your Athletes Safe and Minimize the Risk of Legal Trouble

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BFS Guidelines on How to Keep Your Athletes Safe and Minimize the Risk of Legal Trouble

There is a common but unfortunate belief that when it comes to the possibility of getting sued, coaches have little to worry about. After all, most coaches are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their physical potential and would never consciously do harm.

Everybody understands that coaches should be held in high regard because they are teachers Ė so, isnít it reasonable to expect their good intentions would be rewarded with a degree of "legal immunity" in the justice system?

Not quite. America is an increasingly litigious society, and coaches are just as vulnerable as anyone else to becoming involved in a lawsuit.

There is no guaranteed way to avoid lawsuits. The fact is you can be sued by anyone, at any time, for just about any reason. Thatís the way our legal system works. Your aim should be to not give anyone a reason to want to sue you but at the same time to put yourself in the best possible position to win a lawsuit should you be sued.

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