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Product Spotlight -- NEW PRODUCT! -- BFS Push / Pull Sled

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High-velocity weight training exercises work the muscles at the high speeds that occur during sprinting; so to run faster, power cleans and power snatches are a must. But to simulate the running motion, you should seriously consider the sport-specific exercises that can be performed with the BFS Push/Pull Sled.

The BFS Push/Pull Sled, which is made in the USA, allows you to attach a pulling harness to the weighted sled so you can run with resistance. This method is superior to running uphill and/or adding ankle weights, as both of these methods affect the biomechanics of the running motion.

The method of running with a Parachute is valuable for developing speed endurance, but because you must take several steps before the parachute opens, resistance is delayed.

In contrast, Pulling a Sled provides immediate resistance; besides, a Parachute cannot provide the high levels of resistance to the muscles that a sled can. Being able to accelerate quickly from the start is key to athletic success.


ONLY $349.00

Item # 400452

         * Includes Harness and Lead
         * Heavy 11 Gauge Steel Tubing
         * Long-Lasting 3/8" Solid Steel Slide Plates
         * Twice as Long Lasting as Aluminum
         * Built to be Used on Concrete, Asphalt, or Any Hard Surface
         * High Vertical Handles and Low Horizontal Handles
         * Pull Harness Attachment Position
         * Dual Olympic Plate Holders
         * Develop Explosive Power in LEGS and HIPS

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