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What's Happening -- Maegan Snodgrass -- Team BFS Lifter Makes World Team

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BFS Weightlifter Maegan Snodgrass

Competing in her first national competition in three years, Team BFS weightlifter Maegan Snodgrass qualified for the Junior World Team, which will compete in June in Romania. Snodgrass snatched 182 pounds and clean and jerked 220 pounds to win the 152-165-pound bodyweight class.

Snodgrass attends Utah State on scholarship with a major in education and plans to become a teacher when she graduates. This year Snodgrass hopes to break the Junior American record in the snatch, currently held by Kelly Lynch at 194 pounds. Lynch, who was featured in the March/April 2007 Issue of BFS Magazine, is also on the team.

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Maegan Snodgrass won the Junior National Weightlifting Championships and will be representing the United States at the Junior World Championships in Romania in June.

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