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BFS Position Paper -- Unification

Unification is the concept that all high school and middle school athletes, and even some college athletes, will follow the same basic training philosophy. This means that regardless of the sport, all athletes will perform the same core weight training exercises, the same speed and agility exercises, and the same flexibility and plyometric exercises. BFS is a strong proponent of unification.

Unification provides a model of organization that reduces teaching time, prevents many administrative hassles and personality conflicts, and improves athletic performance year-round. Unification creates a positive environment that facilitates success for all participating coaches, teachers, athletes and students. Although unification is used primarily in the training of athletes, it is also appropriate for physical education classes.

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Performing exercises that use multiple muscle groups will help athletes reach the highest levels of physical superiority. Shown here is Maegan Snodgrass performing a difficult flip on the balance beam and clean and jerking a heavy weight.

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