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What's Happening -- When Times Get Tough, BFS Gets Going! -- A Message from BFS Editor in Chief Kim Goss

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In these tough economic times many exercise equipment companies are reporting large business losses, forcing them to close manufacturing plants, lay off entire outside sales staffs and cease all efforts to develop new products. At BFS, it’s an entirely different story, as this February was the best sales month for a February in the 33-year history of our company! We even had to hire more staff to keep up with the demand for our products. We’re grateful and happy... but not surprised.

Why? Well, we know a large part of our success is due to good old USA pride. More than 80 percent of our products are made by American manufacturers to our precise specifications, whereas many of our competitors’ products originate from overseas manufacturing plants. This is an important distinction.

Our customers are proudly supporting American business, and they have found (as we have) that products from overseas are often of inferior quality - we’ve seen many products that do not meet our safety standards in steel quality, and as such would present a liability risk for us to distribute them. At BFS, risking our customers’ safety and our company’s reputation by distributing iffy products is not an option - we stand behind our products 100 percent.

Superior customer service is another reason for our unprecedented success. With a 70,000-square-foot warehouse stocked with almost $1 million worth of products, we can ship most stock items within 48 hours - and you’d be amazed at how fast we can complete custom orders. This means we can fill just about any order of any size and deliver it to anywhere in the country in about a week - and even install it for you! As for our competitors with overseas products, buyers can expect delays of weeks, perhaps even months.

Next, we have a reputation for providing the highest quality equipment at the best prices. If someone can outbid us, which is rare, it’s usually because they are offering inferior products. You see, when it comes to outfitting weightrooms and even home gyms, our motto is "You only pay for quality once!"

And most importantly, BFS has proven to be a brand that can be trusted to fulfill all your equipment needs. What was true in 1976, when we opened for business, remains true today: Whether you need replacement parts or are looking for exciting new products, you can rest assured that BFS will be there for you!

Kim Goss
Editor in Chief, BFS

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