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Training Brief -- BFS FREE Downloads -- Position Paper on Plyometrics

The BFS Program is a compilation of many parts that interact to form a Total Package for success. We are committed to helping coaches...

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What's Happening -- Letter From the Editor -- BFS Magazine July/August 2009 Issue

VH1 recently started airing a comedy called Free Radio about a kooky intern, played by Lance Krall, in charge of a radio talk show that features interviews with celebrities...

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Feature Article -- Rising From the Ashes -- Huntley Project High School

Early in the morning of September 18, 2008, a fire set by arsonists destroyed much of Huntley Project High School...

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What's Happening -- 2008 Power Clean Champ; Pat Mendes -- Has Eyes on Olympic Games

Pat Mendes, last year’s heavyweight winner of the National High School Power Clean Championships, has shocked the weightlifting community...

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Featured Product -- Chart Your Path to Success -- BFS Top Ten Motivation Boards

Breaking records is a major part of the BFS Total Program. To do this it is important to KEEP records. BFS's motivational Top Ten Boards are...

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What's Happening -- Player Profile -- Melissa Manwill

Melissa Manwill is a senior at Hunter High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, who has accepted a scholarship...

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What's Happening -- Team BFS Gymnast Goes to Nationals -- Chloe Van Tussenbroek

Chloe Van Tussenbroek, a level 10 gymnast who represents the Olympus School of Gymnastics in Sandy, Utah, placed sixth in her regional competition...

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Training Brief -- BFS Safety and Liability Paper -- Guidelines to Keep Your Athletes Safe

The first step in developing a safe athletic program is education, which includes traditional physical education classes...

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