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What's Happening -- Bobby Doyle -- Starting Strong

We recently heard that Bobby Doyle will be a starting slot back this year for the Naval Academy. Doyle, who appeared...

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Featured Article -- Unified Success -- Louisville High School, Louisville Ohio

Being an athletic director is a challenging job in today’s recession: Not only do you have to deal with budget cuts, but the parents and community...

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Featured Product -- Step-Up to Chin-Ups -- The BFS Adjustable Step-Up

Our Canadian strength coaching colleague Mario Greco told us about an idea he had to improve chin-up performance using the BFS Adjustable Step...

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Featured Product -- Increase Your Speed -- BFS Glute Ham Developer

What would the field of strength and conditioning be without buzzwords? Core training, functional training - every few years someone invents...

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What's Happening -- Double Takes -- Tim Adams

We recently learned that Tim Adams accepted the position as the strength coach for the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club...

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What's Happening -- Player Profile -- Makayla Betz

Makayla Betz will be in the ninth grade this fall at Fort Herriman Middle School in Herriman, Utah. Betz took her first gymnastics class...

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Training Brief -- BFS Position Paper -- Strength Training for Young Athletes

In the BFS Magazine we regularly publish position papers that are aimed at helping coaches understand the reasoning behind much of the BFS Program...

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What's Happening -- BFS Clinics -- The BFS Wall Squat

At the BFS Total Program Clinic training the athletes and coaches on the proper weight room technique is just one aspect of the presentation...

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Feature Article -- Developing Athletic Superiority -- Contrast Training

Understanding why contrast training works can be a very difficult concept to grasp, and frankly can make for some...

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