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Featured Article -- Unified Success -- Louisville High School, Louisville Ohio

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Unified Success at Louisville High
How this Ohio high school achieves success with a smart and simple approach to sports training
By BFS, Published: July/August 2009

Being an athletic director is a challenging job in today’s recession: Not only do you have to deal with budget cuts, but the parents and community still demand a high standard of excellence. In Louisville, Ohio, Louisville High School is ranked fourth from the bottom in the state in school funds for revenue per pupil. Nevertheless, this year the Louisville football team went undefeated in the regular season and five other sports teams won conference championships. Do we have your attention?

In this exclusive interview, Louisville athletic director Rich Venuto discusses how his athletes have been able to achieve such outstanding success despite the challenges of a recession. From fighting excessive pay-to-play fees to dealing with parents who want their kids to focus on just one sport, Venuto has a story that anyone involved in athletics will want to hear.

Download and read the full article from the BFS Archives.

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