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Feature Article -- Developing Athletic Superiority -- Contrast Training

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How to Use the Science of Motor Learning to Make Athletes Faster and More Powerful

Understanding why contrast training works can be a very difficult concept to grasp, and frankly can make for some rather dry reading. In this months Featured Article we break it down and show how these concepts can be used immediately to produce great results for any team.

Here is a short excerpt from the article originally published in the
BFS Magazine for July/August 2009.

Jump Training

At BFS clinics, we provide a practical demonstration of contrast training using the vertical jump test. Our clinicians will have an athlete perform a vertical jump, then a heavy box squat, and then try the vertical jump again. To everyone’s surprise, without fail the athlete will jump several inches higher. The box squats will stimulate the nervous system to activate the powerful fast-twitch fibers without creating excessive fatigue in the athlete, and those fibers will be still be activated during the vertical jump. In the weight room, if there is enough open space to allow for it...

Down load the full article for the complete story and put Contrast Training to work for you!

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