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What's Happening -- BFS Clinics -- BFS Total Program Success

BFS Clinics are always an exciting time for us. The clinicians get a chance to strut their stuff and get in front of a receptive audience...

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Spotlight Product -- Increase Your Speed -- Win a BFS Glute Ham Developer

What would the field of strength and conditioning be without buzzwords? Core training, functional training...

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What's Happening -- Motivation and Inspiration -- November/December Magazine Preview

BFS Magazine for November and December is now at the press and we are very excited about the featured articles...

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Training Brief for October 2009

Get Fast! - Learn about the Glute Ham Developer and get your free download.

Our recent contest to give away a Glute Ham Developer is over, and the winner is...

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What's Happening -- BFS Weightlifting Summit -- USA Weightlifting

On September 28, USA Weightlifting CEO Rick Adams, BFS President Bob Rowbotham and BFS Editor in Chief Kim Goss had a teleconference...

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Featured Article -- Utah State -- Weightroom Makeover Inspires Winning Attitude

This week's Featured Article is about a program that has rethought what was important in a championship weight room. Let's see What's New at Utah State...

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