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With the new BFS Online Learning Center we are providing an unprecedented amount of information to help every coach teach proper weight room techniques and procedures. Demonstrations of all BFS Core Lifts are available through the onsite video library with many auxiliary lifts being added over time.

Download training aides to print and distribute to your athletes. Access the BFS Archives for inspirational stories of teams and coaches that have reached their full potential.
Out of student athlete safety forms? Simply download the pdf from the OLC and print all you need. Need information on the benefits of new lifts or training methods? Check the BFS Position Papers on many exercises and programs.

Certified before 12-30-08 and did not recieve a recertification package?

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for your limited time recertifiication login code and for information and instructions on remaining certified.

Maintaining your BFS Certification is simple and provides you with tools to help you succeed. To help you protect your investment of both time and money, BFS has granted a grace period until September 30th, 2009 in which to renew your certification at the $99.95 yearly rate.

To protect the credibility of the BFS Certification after this time period, all coaches with expired certifications will need to attend a complete, hands on certification and retake the online exam at the full cost of $299.


BFS Clinics are always an exciting time for us. The clinicians get a chance to strut their stuff and get in front of a receptive audience. They get another opportunity to inspire athletes and coaches to excel. And they get to show, through the BFS Total Program, the clear, concise, step by step method to attaining goals. Watching as coaches and athletes come to that "ah ha" moment where they believe in the time tested training methods that BFS uses as a foundation for the Total Program is what keeps our clinicians traveling across the country every year.

Another great reward for us is when programs and athletes, that have taken the Total Program, let us know how they are meeting this season's challenges. So we wanted to say thanks to all the coaches and athletes that have taken the time to let us know how they are progressing under the BFS Total Program. Below are just a couple of examples!

2009 Start, 3-0
We’re off to a good start again. We have a strong senior class and they worked hard all year in the weight room and again are a focused group. We are 3-0, our defense has yet to be scored on and offensively we are averaging 48 pts per game and around 450 yds rushing. We have signed our Goal Poster and committed to make a strong run at the championship. We are doing our community cleanup next week.
2008 State Champions
Jay Santy, Huntley MT

2009 Start, 4-0
We play at Eau Claire Regis tomorrow afternoon for their homecoming game. We are both undefeated so this could have conference and play-off ramifications. Our run game has been going well and our pass game is improving. Defense has been solid. Swimming is doing well as is volleyball with both in contention for conference crowns.
2008 State Champions
Jeff Rosemeyer, Colby, WI

2009 Start, 3-1
We have a very young team with only 5 seniors on our squad so things are looking good for next year as well. Our kids had a very good summer in our BFS athletic development program. Our volleyball team has done very well also.
Dan Keefer
Baldwin-Woodville, WI

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