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Training Brief for October 2009

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Take the time to explore the BFS Downloads page and we are sure you will find excellent items to help you achieve your goals. From Position Papers like the one featured in this e-mail to order forms for custom equipment this page of the BFS site is a fantastic resource.

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The BFS Downloads Page just a click away from the homepage. Just look for the link in the blue sidebar located on the left side of the page.

Downloads are FREE and we are always looking to add more content to this page so check back often.

BFS is commited to our mission of "Coaches Helping Coaches" and we hope you will take advantage of the tools available here.

At BFS we believe the Glute Ham Developer is the Number 1 tool for gaining speed. This exercise is an integral part of the BFS Total Program and for good reason. The posterior chain from the lower back through the hamstrings is the key to speed. In order to get all the information across we have published a 13 page document detailing the history, benefits and practical application of this machine. This booklet is available for free as a download on

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