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Spotlight Products -- NEW Promotional Codes -- FREE SHIPPING, Stock to Custom Upgrades, and Custom Platform Logos

For a Limited Time BFS is able to Offer FREE SHIPPING of all BFS Stock Manufactured Steel Equipment on Orders Totaling OVER $5,000...

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What's Happening -- On the Road Again -- BFS Clinics Across America Tour

In June BFS clinician Roger Freeborn packed up his van and drove from his home in Oregon to Ohio on a trip that has come to be known as...

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What's Happening -- Player Profile -- Erick Kahl

Eric Kahl is a graduate from Spencer-Van Etten High School in Upstate New York and currently plays linebacker for Utica College...

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Safety Brief -- Regional Certification -- BFS is Coming to a City Near You!

BFS has over 32 years of experience working with coaches and athletes in the weight room and understands that safety is priority one...

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What's Happening -- Peter Musa -- Teenage Powerhouse Hoists Massive Weights

This issue wed like to discuss the accomplishments of 16-year-old Peter Musa, a 16-year-old from Price Township, PA...

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Featured Article -- What's New at Utah State -- A Weightroom Makeover Inspires a Winning Attitude

Function dictates design is the best way to describe the recent makeover of the Utah State varsity weight room. Located in scenic Logan, Utah...

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