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What's Happening -- Broz Knows -- Another Weightlifting Phenom on the Horizon

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In our March/April 2009 Issue of What's Happening - America's Strongest Teenager , we reported how John Broz of Las Vegas has been working with two-time National High School Power Clean Champion Pat Mendes. Still a teenager, Mendes has made some amazing lifts in training, including a 407-pound snatch, a 486-pound clean and a 600-pound front squat. Well, trainer Broz has done it again! His newest protιgι is Rob Adell.

Only 18 years old and weighing only 207 pounds, Rob Adell has snatched 319 pounds, cleaned 407, clean and jerked 385, back squatted 550, front squatted 462, and bench pressed 425. In 2010 Adell plans to compete in the National Junior Championships and break all the Junior National records in the 94-kilo (207 pounds) bodyweight class.

Adell is a freshman at UNLV and was a high school honor student at Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. He has a 41” vertical jump, no step, and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4. Says Broz, "Rob is the most intense kid I have ever seen – his focus is unrivaled. He was able to snatch more than bodyweight after only eight days of learning the lift!" Adell is a past winner of the National High School Power Clean Championships, a competition that is held every May in Las Vegas.

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