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Featured Article -- Blueprint for Success -- Baltimore Public Schools

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At BFS we talk a lot about the power of unifying athletic training across all sports and PE in a high school environment. Baltimore County has taken this approach to the district level with great success. In this months Featured Article read about how they implemented the program across many schools and gained the support of coaches and teachers along the way.
When you think about outstanding sport programs, undoubtedly you think about the state championship titles, exceptional athletes and passionate coaches motivating their athletes to do their best. In the area of physical education, you think about dedicated instructors teaching their students important movement skills and exercise theories they can use their entire lives. What probably doesn’t come to mind, in either of these cases, are administrators. But they should, especially when it comes to the athletic and physical education programs that are being conducted in Baltimore County Public School District (BCPS).

Located in Baltimore County, Maryland, BCPS is the 25th largest school system in the country. It has 172 schools, 24 of them high schools, and services 107,000 students. This school district has taken a “pay it forward” approach to improving the quality and safety of their athletic and PE programs. They have taken the steps necessary to create a unified system that streamlines organization so that all their staff is on the same page, especially in how they run their fitness programs…

Read more about making your program more efficient, effective and safe, download the complete article from the BFS Archives

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